17:32 | 24.11.20 | News | 72477

Ucom expands the free access list of educational websites

Emphasizing of the importance of education for middle and high school students both in the Republic of Armenia and those that moved from Artsakh, as well as the provision of affordable internet access, Ucom has expanded the list of educational resources with free access for the subscribers of U!Prepaid, Ucom Universal and Universal Plus tariff plans.
In particular, following the request of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sports from November 21, 2020 the subscribers of Ucom's u1000, u1500, u2000 and u3000 prepaid tariff plans, as well as Ucom Universal and Universal Plus postpaid service subscribers will not pay for any internet usage when visiting Google Classroom and Microsoft
Team websites.

The same regulation has been in place for months for the following websites: zoom.us, armedu.am, emis.am, kahoot.com and etwinning.net.
The company also reminds that until November 30th inclusive, the subscribers of the mentioned tariff plans will not be charged for internet use when benefiting from Twitter, Skype, Zoom, Viber, WhatsApp applications.