09:58 | 03.10.20 | News | 46650

Viva-MTS sets AMD 0/minute tariff for calls and messages to Artsakh

Viva-MTS has set AMD 0/minute tariff for its subscribers in Artsakh for incoming and outgoing calls to Viva-MTS and Artsakh mobile networks, as well as AMD 0 tariff for SMS (short) messages for the above-mentioned mobile networks.

Viva-MTS has also informed that the tariff for 1 minute and 1 SMS (short) message from the company’s network to Artsakh will also make AMD 0.

Additional information will be provided on the validity of the above tariffs.

The mentioned tariffs are possible due to the announcement of free access to the telecom services in Artsakh January 1, until 2021, which was made earlier.