14:42 | 07.09.20 | News | 14029

Beeline continues modernizing 4G mobile network

Beeline has announced completion of another stage of the modernization of 4G mobile network.

In order to increase internet connection speed, Beeline modernized the entire 4G network in Yerevan at the city’s 29 stations. Previously, the network had technical capacity of 187MB/s, and now the network complies with the Gigabit LTE standard and has capacity of 489MB/s.

“Beeline regularly updates its network, striving to keep up with technical progress and growing demands of our subscribers. The modernized network will secure the highest internet speed even in the most internet traffic-heavy areas of the capital and will become the foundation for new, modern services in the future,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

The new network is accessible to the subscribers who have smartphones compliant with Gigabit LTE, which will provide the customers to have twice as high download speed depending on the network’s load. Smartphones compliant with Gigabit LTE include iPhone XR and Samsung 8 generation phones.