14:06 | 14.08.20 | News | 17363

Beeline Armenia presents tariff plan with affordable internet for cancer patients

Beeline Armenia together with Henaran Charitable Foundation has developed a special tariff plan with affordable internet and calls for people with cancer.

This tariff plan provides unlimited access without internet billing to 6 widely used mobile applications - Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom (until October 31), Zangi and Telegram, as well as a number of healthcare-related websites: www.henaran-fund.org, www.bridgeofhealth.org, www.cityofsmile.org, www.oncology.am, www.breast.am, www.cancer.am, www.blood.am, www.apoa.am.

The monthly fee of the tariff plan is AMD 1500. The tariff plan includes not only accessible internet and free use of a number of social networks, but also minutes and SMS texts within the network and additional 3GB internet. The offer is available only to new subscribers and only in prepaid option, and the tariffs and conditions of the plan are valid only within Armenia.

“In this case, we not only solve the issue of the corporate client but also help people fight disease, giving them the opportunity to stay in touch and informed,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

The only target audience of the new tariff plan are cancer patients who have been diagnosed in the course of the last 24 months. The 24-month period is calculated as of the day of submitting an application to the Henaran Foundation. In case of underage beneficiaries, the special tariff plan can be purchased in the name of the parent/guardian, based on the child's diagnosis documents.

To apply, you need to send an application to Henaran Foundation at info@henaran-fund.org, enclosing a copy of the photo and registration pages of the patient’s passport, PSC (public service number) and the latest clinical report. If the patient is a minor, please attach the copies of the photo and registration pages from the child and their parent/guardian’s passports, PSCs and the latest clinical report. After processing the application, the Henaran Foundation will provide the beneficiary with a corresponding certificate. If you have any questions, call Henaran Foundation at 091-095513.

The beneficiaries should present the certificate from Henaran Foundation at Beeline service offices or online to buy the new special tariff plan. To complete the subscription, they need to apply to Beeline by calling 010-700-700 or contacting one of these Facebook pages - Beeline Armenia or Beeline Business, presenting the certificate provided by the Henaran Foundation.