11:30 | 21.05.20 | News | 135253

Armenian startup Dowork.ai features on Product Hunt

Armenian startup Dowork.ai, which calculates the software time and cost estimation, has been launched today on the tech platform Product Hunt.

The startup helps software companies to improve cost estimation and implement projects successfully.

Dowork.ai founder Mushegh Gevorgyan has told Itel.am that according to research and advisory company Gartner, 30% of projects fail, and one of the main reasons is the wrong initial calculation.

“Having worked in software development in the list 15 years, we came across this issue constantly. We encountered no solution, so we decided to create a platform that would become the solution,” said Mushegh Gevorgyan.

Dowork.ai is a graduate of the 5th batch of Armenia Startup Academy.

You can support Dowork.ai on the international platform by voting here.