09:39 | 30.04.20 | News | 17822

Viva-MTS allows activating “X”, “Y”, “Z” tariff plan packages and paying later

Viva-MTS informs that from now on it is possible to activate your “X”, “Y”, “Z” prepaid tariff plan packages, no matter what’s the balance on your account.

The sum used for the activation of the packages will be charged from the account balance once you refill it. For example, if you have AMD 800 on your balance, and you have to reactivate your “Z” tariff plan packages, you dial *208*5#, have your packages reactivated, and the AMD 1000 needed for the reactivation, will be charged, when you refill your account balance.

To use the opportunity, send the command *208*5#. The service is available also when the “Recharge+” service is activated. The offer is available till 31.05.2020, inclusively.

To remind, since the demand for the “Zoom” and “Skype” apps, used for the distant learning and working purposes has grown dramatically, Viva-MTS has taken steps to ensure the subscriber schoolchildren, students, educators and everyone who needs distant communication, have an opportunity to use these vital applications without limitations or an extra charge till 31.05.2020, inclusively.

The “Zoom” and “Skype” applications are currently available and auto-activated for Viva-MTS’ “X” and “Y” prepaid and postpaid tariff plans, as well as “Z” prepaid tariff plan. When using the apps the megabytes of the main Internet package provided within the tariff plans are not consumed, in case the tariff plan is in activate status. For more details visit the company’s official webpage or call 111.