15:25 | 18.03.20 | News | 85545

Beeline sets special roaming tariffs

Given the coronavirus pandemic, Beeline Armenia has decided to make calls to the Armenian Health Ministry numbers +37410550601 and +37460838300 free for all subscribers in roaming from March 17th to 31st.

“We provided 500MB internet for 15 days for free starting from March 17 to all our subscribers in Europe, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, China, USA, Canada, Egypt, Israel and a number of other countries,” the company said.

Up to March 31 inclusive, tariffs will be lowered for roaming services in all European countries as well as China, USA, Canada, Egypt, Israel and a number of other countries, in particular:

Internet tariff will decrease by 5 times and make AMD 10;
Tariff for calls to Armenia will decrease by 3 times and make AMD 50.

“Beeline cares about providing affordable, continuous communications to all subscribers, and in this difficult situation, our compatriots abroad will be able to make calls and use internet for lower tariffs. That way, we make connection with loved ones more convenient,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Roaming tariffs will be lowered for Beeline subscribers in UAE as well. The calls to Armenia will call AMD 50 per minute instead of AMD 250, and 1MB will cost AMD 10 instead of AMD 250.