14:04 | 02.03.20 | News | 8942

Viva-MTS offers 100 GB of Internet and “Y” tariff plan, when buying a number of “Samsung Galaxy” models

Prior to spring season, get 100 GB of Internet for two months and a chance to use “Y” tariff plan for 30 days, when buying a number of “Samsung” smartphone models at Viva-MTS service centers.

Offered models:




Samsung Galaxy A20


Samsung Galaxy A20s (2019)


Samsung Galaxy A30 32 GB


Samsung Galaxy A30s 32 GB (2019)


Samsung Galaxy A30s 64 GB (2019)


Samsung Galaxy A40 (2019)


Samsung Galaxy A50 64 GB (2019)


Samsung Galaxy A50 128 GB


The devices can be purchased both in cash and by installment. The offer is valid till March 31, 2020 (inclusively).

To remind “Y” tariff plan includes:

• Unlimited opportunity to use the apps: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zangi, Telegram
• 5 GB Internet
• 400 on-net minutes, to RA networks, to Artsakh networks, US and Canada, to MTS Russia
• 10 000 on-net minutes after consuming the 400-minute package
• 300 SMS to RA GSM networks

To remind, till March 31, 2020 (inclusively) all subscribers of “Y” tariff plan can make unlimited online shopping on “Amazon”, “AliExpress”, “Alibaba”, “Taobao” and “eBay” apps and websites within 30 day validity period of their packages.

• The 100 GB data bundle validity period is 2 months.
• The subscriber first consumes the 5 GB Internet-package provided by “Y” tariff plan, then provided 100 GB Internet. After consumption of the 5 GB and 100 GB Internet packages during the 30-day validity period of “Y” tariff plan, in case of availability of at least AMD 100 on the account balance, an additional 500 MB daily package is automatically activated.
• When using embedded unlimited applications and websites in the active period of “Y” tariff plan the MBs of the Internet within the packages and the 100 GB package are not consumed.