10:06 | 25.07.19 | News | 16392

Joint initiative of VivaCell-MTS and Rakuten Viber to encourage usage of Armenian language in social networks

On VivaCell-MTS’ Facebook page, the Company General Manager Ralph Yirikian presented a collaborative project with Rakuten Viber aimed to encourage the usage of Armenian in social networks.

In his message Ralph Yirikian reasserted VivaCell-MTS has always highlighted the importance of usage of Armenian in everyday communication whether in short messages (SMS) or in social networks, taking into consideration the fact that the language is an important part of national identity.

Years ago VivaCell-MTS was the first to start sending SMS notifications in Armenian to its subscribers. Now, when social networks are expanding day by day, writing in Armenian language is not enough, as today people in social networks communicate often using stickers, instead of writing.

“In social networks stickers are used to express feelings or to share impressions. Pay attention and you will also notice how often English-labeled stickers are used: “OK”, “OMG”, “Oooops”, “Love you”, “Please”, “Miss you”, “Call me”… They are spread all over the world and understandable almost to everyone. But do they express our national features? Do they indicate the rich inner world of an Armenian-speaking person, the whole warmth of feelings and relationships of Armenians, the colors and shades of our Motherland? How great it would be, if they were in Armenian language!” Yirikyan mentioned.

According to open sources, Viber is the most commonly used application in Armenia. Taking that into consideration and being the company, which promotes the usage of the “national language” on social platforms, VivaCell-MTS, hand in hand with Viber have made an important step towards making the conversations of people more Armenian in the internet. “Today, together with Viber, we are launching Armenian stickers. Why not to say “Barev” instead of “Hello”, or not to have an Armenian character? Why “Good night”, if there is a beautiful way of saying “Bari gisher”? Why can’t the symbol of laugh be Armenian? Why confess love by saying “I love you”, instead of telling it in Armenian?”, VivaCell-MTS General Manager commented.

VivaCell-MTS and Viber wish cheerful and enjoyable summer conversations to all users having the opportunity to download Armenian stickers for three months free and enjoy Viber in Armenian language.