15:00 | 06.05.19 | News | 9142

Beeline subscribers in Yerevan’s Sari Tagh district can access 100MB/sec internet now

Beeline Armenia has completed another phase of modernization of its fixed network in Yerevan, in Sari Tagh district this time.

A large-scale modernization is underway and soon the majority of Yerevan residents will have access to Beeline’s super fast, 100MB/sec VDSL internet.

“Beeline continues upgrading the fixed network in Yerevan. After Kilikia district and the downtown, we modernized the network in Sari Tagh, and people living there can now access our super fast, 100MB/sec internet. It should be noted that we plan to continue improving the network in Yerevan and soon we will announce our next steps in that direction,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Pyatakhin has marked the completion of this modernization phase by handing out COMBO 4 Max service bundle with a year-long free subscription to a loyal customer of Beeline Armenia.

In particular, Beeline offers super fast internet in the COMBO 2, COMBO 3 and COMBO 4 bundles, which cost starting from AMD 5990. The service bundles include unlimited calls within Beeline network, up to 200 free minutes of calls to other Armenian networks, up to 10GB 4G internet, 350 SMS texts, and fixed internet of up to 100 Mb/sec. COMBO 3 and COMBO 4 also offer fixed landline connection, and COMBO 4 includes subscription to up to 138 TV channels as well.

You can check the internet speed in your district on 100.Beeline.am.