12:52 | 26.04.19 | News | 8954

Idram with a new image and new opportunities

Idram payment and settlement system has come up with a new look and opportunities introducing the updated and improved mobile application and website.

According to Idram director Arsen Kdenyan, these changes are in more correspondence with the new stage of development announced months ago.

“For many years being engaged in the activities of the Armenian market, Idram has always been a leader and locomotive of the e-money field. We have tried to take a step forward and offer our users relevant international standards, advanced services that have been imperative for the time. Today, Idram has already reached a point out of which we need not only internal changes but also external ones in order to offer our users a new ideology and qualitatively different level of environment and services, so rebranding is a very logical continuation of the changes made last year regarding the creation of a new digital platform,’’ said Arsen Kdenyan.

“A few months ago Idram already announced the creation of a new digital platform with IDBank, which will enable users to get access to both payment and banking services on a unified platform via mobile and web-based interface, offered by Idram and the other partners of the platform respectively.

In addition, the mobile application will enable you to make non-contact payments in partner stores and restaurants via QR-code, NFC, receiving instant Cashback on Idram wallet. The platform has also other advantages.

Idram has also introduced an updated and improved mobile app and website, the list of services and tools included in which, will be continuously updated over the coming weeks,” the press release reads.