16:29 | 19.09.18 | News | 11752

Ralph Yirikian holds a meeting for future leaders

VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian has shared the model of business management adopted at the company with yet another group of young audiences at the initiative of the Leadership School.

With various backgrounds the young people attending the meeting got an opportunity to learn about more than a decade of the company’s history, the path it has passed to gain its present-day respect in the society, the efforts it continuously makes to retain the leading positions in the market, as well as the professional career of the company’s General Manager.

The meeting served as an important platform to develop tools of efficient management among younger generation of professionals. Learning the experience accumulated through years, the young people get an opportunity both to hear a story of success of a leading company, as well as to see the challenges and the hardships the company’s team and its leader have overcome over time remaining committed to the strategies, the adopted model of responsible management and meeting to the needs and wants of consumers.

“Everybody strives to succeed in what he or she does. But the paths to achieving anticipated results differ. The definition of success varies, too. It may be business interest for one, ensuring revenues for another and keeping pace with the modern world for the third one. There are also those, who see success as an opportunity to create favorable conditions for others – whether those are employees or the society at large. The interpretations may be endless. The true success is the amalgam of all these things and is a result of the choice of management tools. That is not an easy way to succeed. It requires both everyday work and willingness to do so. The fact that you are here and that you are eager to learn about the experience of this Company is proof that you can get the knowledge you need and can apply it in what you do. Dream and achieve!” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

During the interactive discussions the participants got acquainted with the specifics of the telecommunications industry, as well as discovered the tools required for long-term successful management.