12:29 | 18.09.18 | News | 6673

Beeline makes switching to Smart packages free

Beeline has made switching to Smart packages free of charge for subscribers of other tariff plans.

“Unsurprisingly, our Smart packages became very popular soon after we launched them. They are indeed very simple and convenient and they provide our subscribers with the full spectrum of services. Now we increase their availability: we will no longer charge subscribers for switching to a Smart package which they find suits their needs perfectly,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Smart tariff plans include (depending on the monthly fee) free minutes within and outside Beeline network (to USA and Canada as well) and super fast internet of up to 12,000MB. Beeline currently offers seven Smart packages, with monthly fees of AMD 990 (“Marzayin” package) to AMD 7500.

In order to switch to a Smart package, the subscriber needs to have the sum equivalent to the given package’s monthly fee on their balance and additional AMD 200 that will remain there.

The transition to a Smart package with higher monthly fee is also free.

It should be noted that subscribers of Smart 3500 and other Smart packages with higher fee can use the included 10,000 free minutes for calls to Beeline Russia until December 31, 2018.