10:53 | 23.07.18 | News | 15751

VivaCell-MTS to support construction of irrigation system in Gnishik village

VivaCell-MTS and FPWC will support construction of irrigation system in Gnishik village, Vayotz Dzor region in the framework of Community Development program.

Local irrigation network will be built in the shortest possible time. The benefits of the system will be tangible both in Gnishik and Mozrov. To keep the orchards the villagers are forced to use the drinking water from Mozrov, which creates additional issues for people in that village.

VivaCell-MTS and FPWC implement joint programs in Gnishik starting from 2015. In four years the partners have managed to resolve the problem of drinking water by building a complete local system to supply pot water to the community. The cooperating organizations have also built a system of LED outdoor illumination, and have solved the problem of agricultural equipment.

“It’s senseless to speak of the yield in Gnishik. Cultivated plants fade, the water for trees is fetched in buckets, which is both hard and useless effort, particularly in summer time. The construction of local irrigation system will solve the watering issue in two settlements – Gnishik and Mozrov. The neighboring village will benefit at its most with minimum effort. There are about 40 ha of lands for cultivation in Mozrov. The drip system will let grow fruit trees or build a vineyard,” Ara Levonyan, head of administrative territory of Gnishik and Mozrov settlements said.