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Mobile gaming in Armenia. NaKo Games

Itel.am continues to reveal the specifics of Armenian mobile gaming with the help of Armenian companies’ experience.

Armenia-based NaKo Games has developed 15 mobile games that has already been downloaded for over 4 mln times.

The company creates free games for Windows Phone, Android, iOS.

In an interview with Itel.am,  NaKo Games Business Development Manager Stepan Kocharyan noted that they mainly have “dress up” category games, and their target audience is under 25 year old females.

“People can express their creativity with the help of our games. They are like Hollywood game by Kim Kardashian. There are big opportunities in this market. Our customers use the games to change the outfits of the heroes and their hairstyle getting the desired appearance”, he says. 

Stepan Kocharyan notes that there are around 250 000 active subscribers every month. The U.S., Brazil and Italy are on the top 3 country list.

“We created the first game a year and a half ago. We also have theme games- wedding, gatherings and so on. The team consists of 3 people. We outsource the software development. We will have a bigger team in the future if further funding is found. We currently don’t have investors”, he says.

Stepan Kocharyan notes that they are currently in the process of making new connections. They are particularly negotiating with an Italian brand to include their clothes and accessories in their games.

NaKo Games’ 3 main games according to Itel.am

Fashion Girl – available on Window Store, Google Play and App Store

Princess Cakes – available on Windows Store, Google Play and App Store

Fashion Girl Wedding – available on Windows Store and Google Play

Narine Daneghyan

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