16:17 | 11.06.18 | News | 6309

Ayb to continue participation in FAST activity

As co-founder of Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), Ayb Educational Foundation will continue to invest in implementation of FAST’s statutory goals.

According to Ayb, their full investment in FAST will make USD 500 000.

“Taking into consideration the mission of FAST, which is creating favorable ecosystem for promoting technological innovation and scientific progress, we prioritize our continuous support for FAST and announce our long-term mission,” reads the statement of Ayb Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.

“Owing to participation in FAST, we have contributed to scientific and technological development of Armenia, which we started by elaborating internationally recognized Araratian Baccalaureate. Competitive public education is the base of competitive higher education,” said acting Director of Ayb Educational Foundation Mary Mamikonian.