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Blockchain startup Arcnet creates a career building platform

Arcnet is a blockchain and AI-based system for career building created in Armenia.

The company that developed Arcnet, Great Solutions, has a team of 14. It was founded by Vahe Mkrtchyan, Vazgen Manukyan and Mkhitar Aghabekyan.

Great Solutions marketing manager Natalie Ghukasyan has told Itel.am that Arcnet targets service providers, employers, educational institutions and centers, as well as recruitment agencies.

The multifunctional platform has three key nodes: a labor market (ArcWork), certification (ArcCert) and recruitment (ArcRecruit).

ArcCert provides a set of tools that help universities, training centers and employers create and issue temper-proof and verifiable diplomas and certificates.

ArcWork provides a space where employers meet service providers for efficient professional collaboration without unnecessary intermediation and associated costs.

That collaboration is based on two components: ArcCert-verified, reliable professional profiles and transparent rating on one hand and blockchain-based contracts ensuring security and efficiency of cooperation along with timely payment on the other.

ArcRecruit offers a pool of recruitment and management experts, who use the professional toolset to help Arcnet clients find candidates that match their requirements perfectly.

Touching on the topic of experts, Ms Ghukasyan has mentioned the two main platforms for freelance work: Upwork and Freelancer, as well as blockchain-based Ethlance, Coinlancer and Blocklancer.

photo © Arcnet

Great Solutions marketing manager has also spoken about the advantages of the company, noting that they charge a minimal fee for intermediation (2-3%, which is a low index compared to competitors).

Another advantage is that Arcnet allows creating fraud-proof and easily verifiable profiles and ratings. They facilitate long-term interaction be between employers and employees, contrary to similar platforms that users live immediately after finding a match in order to avoid high fees.

“ArcRecruit offers a set of tools that simplify and speed up the search for the best matches for any job. Contrary to other blockchain-based recruitment platforms that work with Etherium, Arcnet has its own blockchain platform, which makes it the most reliable and secure from external tools,” said Nataly Ghukasyan.

Within the next nine months, the company plans to launch test versions of the platform in Armenia and Georgia, as well as to cooperate with leading universities and companies. Great Solutions also intends to help the universities in test markets issue first blockchain-based diplomas.

After the trial period, Arcnet will enter CIS countries, Europe and USA.

Narine Daneghyan