11:04 | 19.04.18 | News | exclusive 15631

SmartArmenia to unite creative Armenians on Slack

SmartArmenia Armenian group was created on Slack platform. This project is aimed at uniting “creative Armenians” from design, technology and media sectors in one spot.

The application form for joining the community is available here.

According to the Founder of SmartArmenia Tigran Grigoryants, the group is for professionals from creative industry, who wish to discuss the topics in need to be voiced.

“Based on SmartArmenia project, we are creating a prototype of virtual community, joining which is more useful than gathering on social networks. We will adjust the “playground” to testing of the ideas, which we can elaborate and push forward together,” he emphasized.

Tigran Grigoryants said that the platform is a tool for discussing various projects and possible complications, speak about tough tasks and listen to advice, which will allow solving issues on self-education and discipline, technological novelties, market dynamics etc.

“The friendly and reliable relations between the participants make the base of our long-term cooperation, mutual help and exchange of knowledge. We are convinced that the modern IT community can be more open. We will achieve it both in words and actions, even if we start small. We are learning from our mistakes; together we will help each other avoid fatal flaws,” he noted.

Tigran Grigoryants called the platform ““a thought factory”, which will enable testing the relevance and sustainability of different projects.”

“At this moment we wish to unite specialists of Armenian IT sector (around 15,000 people) to create SmartArmenia club brand, and then we aim at entering US and Russian markets, involving Armenian IT specialists living there,” he concluded.