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VivaCell-MTS sums up results of the housing project in Goris

The housing project financed by VivaCell-MTS and implemented by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia aims to ease the social burden of families in need of decent housing living in distant regions.

The results of the successful partnership during 2017 were summed up in Goris town of Syunik region, where three beneficiary families of the previous year’s program have already celebrated housewarming. Two of the families managed to complete the construction of their half-built houses, and the third one completed the renovation of the roof and the interior works of the house.

The large family of Gyurjyans living in Goris town has suffered many hardships  for years, but has continued to grow roots in the homeland. Aksel and Ruben are two of  Gyurjyans’ seven  children. For many years  the brothers with their families lived in rented houses as their parental house was too small for the extended family. Their father, Albert started to build a house for his sons decades ago, but the walls of the half-built house stayed unfinished for all those years.

Thanks to the efficient management of funds, the collaborating parties have granted two families the happiness of celebrating housewarming.

“The construction of this house was unique in the 2017 housing project: with one project's financial calculation, it was possible to support two families not depriving anyone of the opportunity to live in decent conditions. It is not clear yet whether the program will continue this year, however, during these years not only the financial support of VivaCell-MTS, but also the dedication of the whole staff became invaluable both for us and for such families,” shared Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

 “We are already adults and it seems that we shouldn’t dare to believe in miracles. Yet, a miracle happened to us: the biggest gift was having a home, and we received that gift. Our long-lasting dream came true. I'm excited and grateful like a child,” shared the family father, Aksel.

Ruben with his family moved from the rented house to their new home after the New Year. The final transfer of the household items was literally finished in those days.

In 2017, 13 families from different regions felt the happiness of having a house. Six of them were supported owing to Ralph Yirikian's personal donation.

Through the six years of partnership, 56 communities of Armenia have been included in the housing project funded by VivaCell-MTS and implemented by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. 150 families have already benefited from the project.

During all these years, VivaCell-MTS has invested more than AMD 369 million for the implementation of the housing project in ten regions of Armenia.