17:03 | 21.12.17 | News | 29920

Beeline-supported community program summed up

Joint program of Child Development Foundation, Beeline and PicsArt “New Technologies for the Development of Communities” has been summed up.

The 5 winners, chosen beforehand by the evaluating committee, received laptops.

In addition, 5 out of 50 pictures were selected in a secret voting. Deputy CEO at Technology and Science Dynamics Levon Galstyan presented EcoPad notebooks to the authors of the best pictures.

“I am thankful to all our partners for the beautiful and efficient cooperation. I think that the program was very useful for our participants, as they managed to learn a lot. It is important that our youth learns how to solve current issues with the help of modern technologies and change the life of everyone for the better,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.

Beeline is the general sponsor of “New Technologies for the Development of Communities”. Within the frames of the program, the participants will take pictures of problematic issues in their communities and illustrate their solutions through PicsArt app.