14:16 | 17.11.17 | News | 24630

Beeline CEO introduces his vision of business development

Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin delivered a lecture at Mergelyan Club on his vision of business development particularly in the sector of telecommunications.

Within the frames of “Digital Technologies and Future Business” lecture, Andrey Pyatakhin told about the changes that businesses should implement for their further development, as well as the way they should adopt to requirements of the modern world. Beeline Armenia CEO shared with participants of the event the experience of the company which he currently leads. He has recently met with the heads of world’s leading companies like Amazon, Facebook, Uber and others, which were also covered during his lecture.

“The world is rapidly moving forward, and today we find ourselves in a completely new digital reality, which principally changes the working conditions and prerequisites for success. The old models do not work now, and being telecommunications and IT company, we should be moving towards digitization,” Andrey Pyatakhin said.

Mergelyan Club initiative has been implemented since 2015 by New Technology Education Fund (NTEF) charitable foundation.