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Inapptics: Our solution is now available for everyone

Artificial Intelligence-powered analytics platform for mobile apps, developed by Armenian Inapptics, is already available for everyone.

Inapptics helps app creators increase the profitability and efficiency of their apps through advanced analysis of user behavior mixed with proactive insights.

Inapptics will finish Estonian Startup Wise Guys accelerator program in a few days.  Itel.am talked to Co-founder of Inapptics Tigran Hakobyan on this and other issues.

-Final version of Inapptics is already available. Have you attracted users so far?

-The final version of Inapptics was launched 10 days ago, and we already have more than 30 users. Thus, our service helped mobile app developers analyze on their apps more than 15 000 user behaviors and more than 40 000 sessions.

-Inapptics will finish Estonian Startup Wise Guys accelerator program in a few days. What have those 3 months given you in terms of product and team development?

-Those 3 months in Startup Wise Guy program were very important for us, as we had the chance to meet some very experienced mentors, who taught us a lot about product development, sales and investment attraction. We have also registered success in terms of product development. As you mentioned, Inapptics is available for everyone now, which contributed to attraction of our first customers.

-Would you advise other Armenian startups to participate in Startup Wise Guys or other Baltic acceleration program?

Definitely. Similar acceleration programs are necessary for startups (especially Armenian ones), as our startup ecosystem has just started its development. This is a great opportunity for you to gain experience, get acquainted with new people, establish important ties and most importantly meet with experienced mentors.

By the way, Startup Wise Guys has already started accepting applications for the next program, which will take place in September-December, Riga. Application deadline is July 9.

-What are your next steps? Which markets will Inapptics target first?

-We still have two weeks before the end of Startup Wise Guys. A number of important events will take place during that time. First, Startup Wise Guys Demo Day will be held on May 26, which will allow us to introduce Inapptics to numerous investors. In June we will have meetings with potential investors in Austria, Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria.

We will continue targeting the American and European markets, where we have already attracted a number of users, so we understand their demands.

We would also like to inform you that Inapptics was involved in world-class Product Hunt platform. If you wish to support us and participate in the creation of yet another successful Armenian startup, please vote for Inapptics here.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Tigran Hakobyan