13:44 | 16.05.17 | News | 15073

Beeline and Inecobank to cooperate

Beeline announces the launch of cooperation with Inecobank in the sector of consumer lending.

Beeline notes that the loans will be provided with maturity of 36 months and 0% annual interest rate. Beeline subscribers will be able to receive AMD 30 000 up to AMD 1 million loans.

“Beeline continues to provide convenience for our subscribers, offering the most beneficial prices at simple and convenient terms. Being committed to our goals, we consistently expand the network of our partners, trying to do everything for providing the most competitive loans in the market and making the process of lending as fast and convenient as possible,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin remarked.

Inecobank consumer loans are available at Beeline sales and customer care offices.

Loans for equipment purchase are provided at Beeline offices via the following banks: Unibank, Acba Credit Agricole Bank and Inecobank.