12:28 | 30.12.16 | News | 23058

VivaCell-MTS implements large-scale educational projects in 2016

The total amount of VivaCell-MTS contribution into the sphere of education made AMD 372 million in 2016. The total amount, allocated by the Company in the sphere of education during 2005-2016 has made AMD 3.3 billion.

“Providing quality education is an investment in the future. Education is a tool to manage one’s own destiny. The opposite of it is letting life and circumstances to make choices instead of the individual and the nation in general. Education is a means of developing individuality and creative thinking. That is why we have chosen it to be one of the most important areas of social investment by VivaCell-MTS,” the Company’s General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

VivaCell-MTS’s social investment in education, from the first day of its inception, has been targeting the following spheres:

•    ICT curriculum introduction in selected senior school of Armenia
•    Establishment of fab labs and support to robotics education in Armenia
•    Introduction of Wi-Fi infrastructure in public libraries and educational institutions
•    Global IT award to individuals, who have made an Outstanding Contribution to Humanity through IT
•    International Microelectronics Olympiads
•    Environmental education for youth and public awareness
•    Providing computers to cultural and educational centers
•    Providing frontier villages with access to internet
•    Tuition fee for students, studying in Armenia and abroad
•    Workshops and seminars for the neonatologists and nurses of Armenia
•    Internship programs for graduating students  
•    Open door activities at VivaCell-MTS, introducing the basics of corporate culture to students.