10:00 | 27.07.16 | News | 8512

Second stage of techno camp supported by Ucom summed up

The second flow of the Technology Camp in Hanqavan bid farewell to the schoolchildren aged 9-13 from different villages and regions of Armenia, that were taking part in it. The Summer Camp was organized in two flows, for a total number of 600 children, by World Vision Armenia, Ucom and Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE).

The Technology Camp was attended by the pupils of “Armath” engineering laboratories from regions and children from socially vulnerable regional communities of World Vision Armenia. In an atmosphere of creative and active recreation 15 teams of the second flow of Summer Camp managed to acquire some basic knowledge in robotics, create robots themselves, program them with the help of the “Fox” computer program and demonstrate the ability of their robots to follow the straight line. The task was perfectly completed by “Armath” club-laboratory pupils from Ijevan town. The second place was taken by the pupils of the engineering club-laboratories of Koti and Berqaber villages in Tavush region, who received a robotics collection as a gift.  

The youngsters from the Technology Summer Camp have created three-dimensional (3D) printers, which were presented to the Shushi, Vank and Tchartar schools of Artsakh.
Young engineers have mastered their skills in the art of staying alive (mountain climbing, shooting range, indoor space orientation skills and etc.), took an active part in cognitive trips throughout Armenia, intellectual “Brain-Ring” competition, swimming, football and volleyball competitions.

Speaking about the technological education, Hayk Yesayan, the General Director at Ucom, noted: “20 years later these children will be heading this country and lead us, by evolving the newest directions of IT development in Armenia. And today we are proud to be standing at the roots of their technological education”.

“It is very gratifying to realize, that years later there will be technology professionals in Armenia, for whom this camp became a basis and decisive for the choice of their future profession. The enthusiasm and interest, we see in the participants, are the proof of it. Thus we can say that the Technology Camp has reached its goal”, - said Tamara Barbakadze, the manager of Aragatsotn region programs at World Vision Armenia.

Karen Vardanyan, the Executive Director at UITE addressed the campers by saying: “I am very proud to be standing in front of the future leaders of Armenia, and I am sure that years later you will be organizing the cognitive trips throughout Armenia, courses of robotics and other lessons for future schoolchildren. I am also happy for our work shall be continued. That means that our country will be strong, invincible and exemplary”.