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IT Kids. Hayk Adamyan

It’s a proved fact that love for technologies begins in childhood. Today students go to school with smartphones and do their homework on tablets.

There are many teenagers in Armenia now, who not only use smartphones and tablets but also try to create something on their own - a game, an app or a program.

Itel.am continues its IT Kids series, presenting Armenian teenagers who’ve been interested in technologies since early childhood and create products in this industry.

15-year-old Hayk Adamyan founded two startups already - dHunt and jHunt, entering the Microsoft Innovation Center Acceleration Program with them. Although the startups did not get further development, Hayk is going to found a new one soon. The idea for the startup is ready, but young web-developer doesn’t want to reveal it yet.

Hayk Adamyan


I learned web-development at Tumo Center, now I work with outsourcing. By the way, I did technical work for entrepreneur.com and L’Oréal Paris websites. I am also finishing the 12th grade at high school.


I had a netbook when I was 11, and it was impossible to play games on it. It got me interested in game development. Of course, my first attempts failed as I didn’t have necessary technologies. I switched to web-development, and I was recommended to put an online advertisement for website development. I got my first website order when I was 12 years old. I remember that I went to the interview with my mother so I would be taken seriously. It worked.

Hayk Adamyan

I think that if you can live in Armenia and work with foreign partners, thus making profit, that is the best option.

Blitz questions

- Would you prefer to play football in the street or a computer game at home?

- If you asked me this question a year ago, I’d say computer game. Now I choose playing in the yard, even if not necessarily football. I try to stay away from computers and computer games, they are just tools for me now.

- Imagine computers and smartphones disappeared from the face of the Earth. What would you do?

- There are no computers, and my source of income is gone at once. Even if I decide to recreate technologies, I won’t make them available to everyone for one simple reason - when technologies are available to anyone, the ability of tech-savvy people to influence one another grows.

On the other hand, I think that there would be no need to recreate technologies in such a situation, as it’d be better to try and adopt to the new environment.

- What would you spend your first million on?

- I’d invest in a startup, something that would become a part of daily life of a certain group of people.

Hayk Adamyan

- A vacation in the Silicon Valley or on the Maldives?

- Silicon Valley, because if I go there, I’ll have an opportunity to establish multiple ties there eventually, get investments and profit. Going to Silicon Valley first will increase my chances to have a vacation on the Maldives.

- What famous IT person would you like to dine with?

- A famous journalist, so they would write about me in the media. That dinner might open doors for me to meet other famous people in the future.

Narine Daneghyan
Photos by Emin Aristakesyan