07:06 | 22.06.16 | News | 4214

VivaCell-MTS supports usage of mobile phones as educational materials

VivaCell-MTS fosters engineering education among the schoolchildren. Recycled mobile phones provided to robotics groups operating in Armenia nine months ago have been put to use as educational materials. In the frames of this environmental initiative, instead of becoming hazardous waste, the dismantled parts of the phones have been used in various technical projects. The solutions elaborated by these gifted students have given a second life to disused phones.

Having studied the structure of mobile phones, the students of Gavar 2nd School succeeded in replacing the faulty parts of some phones with new ones, and gave the repaired phones as a gift. Other dismantled phones were used in various technical and educational projects.

By connecting the accumulators of a number of mobile phones the students of Etchmiadzin 2nd School constructed new accumulators which have the same voltage but bigger volume. The students also installed a USB port turning the accumulators into solar batteries. Some parts of the phones were repurposed into details for the construction of electric files, massaging bracelets and other equipment.

The students of Yerevan 173rd School have shared their experience on Facebook social network, with the notion that it will be interesting to many people and, why not, inspire some to turn a hobby into a profession. The videos and solutions posted on the Facebook page of the school robotics group can serve as educational materials for their peers and as a monitoring tool for the parents.

The initiatives of the young people will be continuous.  As the leading telecommunications operator in Armenia, VivaCell-MTS places high importance on raising the awareness about environmentally friendly usage and recycling of mobile phones.