13:41 | 10.06.16 | News | exclusive 3096

ScoreBot by Armenian web-developers to help follow Euro-2016

Armenian web-developers (Narek Hovsepyan, Gor Matevosyan, Sergey Asryan, Aramais Khachatryan) launched a personal ScoreBot (automated answer system) that allows to follow all details of Euro-2016 matches via Facebook Messenger.

The function will become available at 21:00 today.

ScoreBot co-developer Narek Hovsepyan told Itel.am that the bot uses Messenger’s capacities to answer the requests in different formats - text, images, and by special buttons. Moreover, it’s possible to send information provided by the bot to friends via Messenger while discussing the given football match.

“You communicate with the bot in English, which allows football fans anywhere in the world to use this function. Statistics indicate that the number of Messenger users grows, and the army of football lovers is huge, so we’ll have a rather high number of users if we provide a quality service,” noted Narek Hovsepyan.

Narine Daneghyan