10:49 | 29.04.16 | Articles | exclusive 3804

“Hamakhumb” to fight against anti-Armenian propaganda

“Hamakhumb” application was launched lately created by Armenian programmers: it is created to fight against Azeri and Turkish anti-Armenian propaganda.

The application is developed by programmer Artur Avanesov with the support of Medimax Chief Editor Davit Alaverdyan and Information Security expert Samvel Martirosyan.

“We tried to create an app that will give opportunity to share needed information in a maximum short amount of time and effectively. It can be a very effective tool in information “war”, where it’s necessary, for example to report a post or send a joint letter to a certain company”, Artur Avanesov told Itel.am.

The application is created based on Twitter accounts and works only on Chrome browser.

Artur Avanesov said that in case the app is successful, they will create a mobile version as well.