14:45 | 19.03.16 | News | 8722

Ucom presents the details on integration with Orange

After the merger of Ucom and Orange companies, Ucom will also deliver the mobile telephony and internet services.

At the same time Ucom presented the answers to the questions that interest subscribers.          

Will our phone numbers and codes change or not? 

The phone numbers and codes you are accustomed to use in Orange network will remain unchanged in Ucom.

Is there any need to visit the service center to make sure our Orange cards continue operating?

There is no need to visit any shop or perform any other action. After the companies merger your card will continue operating the way it did.

Will the commitments undertaken during the handset or internet gadget acquisition from Orange stay in force?

All your commitments undertaken during the handset or internet modem acquisition will remain unchanged and will be transferred to Ucom.

Will the current tariffs of Orange be changed?

If you are an existing subscriber of any Orange service, then you will continue to benefit from that service according to your tariff plan.

When will we be able to pay for both Orange and Ucom services at the same spot?

After the merger all Orange shops will become Ucom service centers and you will be able to pay for all mobile and fixed services in any Ucom service center. Մ

Will Ucom provide mobile internet?

Among other things Ucom will also provide the mobile internet services available to 98% of the Armenian population.

Will there be any convergent offers to include both Ucom and Orange services?

After the merger the company will be able to offer its subscribers the convergent offers of both fixed and mobile services.

Will the conditions of current Ucom services change?

If you are an existing subscriber to U!TV or U!Phone services, then all your current conditions will remain unchanged.

Will the internet settings be changed for mobile handsets?

If you are an Orange mobile subscriber the mobile internet settings will remain unchanged for your handset and there will be no need to perform any additional action.

Will the activation codes remain the same for Orange services?

When using Orange mobile voice services, the activation codes will remain unchanged. E.g., in order to check your balance you will still be dialing *133#, to get an activation code for “Ucom Kino” service you will send an SMS to 5555 short number and etc.

Will the internet speed of Orange change?

After the merger the mobile broadband internet service speed will remain unchanged according to the tariff plan selected.

What number should I call if there are questions about the Orange services?

In case of having any question related to any service (including mobile voice and data services) of the new joint Ucom company, please, call Ucom Customer Care Service at 444 short number from any Ucom mobile or fixed number or dial 011 444 444 from any other number. The calls from Ucom numbers are free of charge.