16:53 | 17.02.16 | News | 4474

Rostelecom enlarges the geographical coverage in Armenia

On February 17 the Armenian Public Services Regulatory Commission decided to provide Rostelecom with the regional fixed-line telephone network codes (NDC) and lines of numbers.

Prior to this, the company was providing its customers with the telephone numbers of non- geographical codes, which could be used in any location in Armenia. Rostelecom will also provide numbers by regions, geographical codes thanks to that codes (NDC) and lines of numbers.

Particularly the company was provided with the codes starting with 012 (2-9 lines) (012 2x xx xx, 012 3x xx xx, and so on) in Yerevan as well as geographical codes- Gyumri- 312 850 xx, 312 851x and so on).

Yerevan and Armenian 48 big towns number lines were provided in the same manner.

The company will continue to provide telephone services with non-geographical lines -060 46 xx xx, 060 71 xx xx xx, 060 72 xx xx, 060 73 xx xx, 060 74 xx xx, 060 75 xx xx to both individuals and corporate clients.