14:24 | 24.12.15 | News | 3521

Rostelecom cooperates with “Kind Santa Claus” project

Rostelecom joined “Kind Santa Claus” project this year: It is organized by Harmonious Development community development NGO.

www.santaclaus.am posts bordering villages' children’s letters to Santa Clause within “Kind Santa Claus” project. Each person, who expresses wish to become Santa Claus and make the children’s dreams come true, fills in the application and delivers the present.

“Rostelecom takes active part in bringing joy and smiles to children of bordering villages. The New Year’s magic should visit every child, and we take the responsibility in supporting the organizers. Corporate social responsibility and charity projects are carried out throughout the whole year and I believe that such measures should not be only implemented on holidays, but have continuous character”, said CEO of CJSC “GNC-ALFA”, "Rostelecom” in Armenia, Hayk Faramazyan.