18:16 | 14.12.15 | News | 3596

VivaCell-MTS is the biggest investor in mobile telecommunications sector

Armenia’s Leading Telecommunications Operator VivaCell-MTS is the biggest investor in Armenia’s mobile telecommunications sector.

The ranking is based on figures published by the companies in the mobile sector as per the PSRC requirements, by total capital invested from Q1, 2013 till Q3, 2015, inclusive.

Throughout the mentioned period, VivaCell-MTS has invested AMD 28.1 billion, which accounts for the biggest (55.8%) share of the total investment by all mobile telecommunication companies – over AMD 50 billion.

From the day of inception, VivaCell-MTS has been constantly working to become the choice of Armenians, in terms of leadership in such areas as network coverage, innovative services and technology, reliability, best price for the best quality, customer care, business ethics, social investments, etc.