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The most stylish IT offices. VMware Armenia

A convenient office is the key to success of every company. The better the office conditions are, the easier and more productive the creative process is.

As a rule, technology companies have the most innovative offices. In parallel with IT development, their number also increases in Armenia. 

This series of Itel.am focuses on Armenia-based IT offices standing out with innovative and bold solutions.

American VMware Company is virtualization and cloud infrastructure international leader. It has more than 500 000 subscribers and 55 000 partners. The company offers solutions that help organizations lower the costs, higher the business dynamics and ensure freedom of choice.

VMware purchased Integrien Corporation and set up a research and development office in Armenia in 2010.

VMware's three- storey office

The company has about 90 employees

One of the conference rooms

It's fun to work at VMware :)

In the kitchen

There is no lack of sweets here

“Programming Kings” of chess

Final tour of table tennis tournament among employees

Servers: The room of  “mysterious sounds”

The company plans to organize trainings here in future

About different years’ patents: btw, the Armenian office is among the leaders in VMware by the number of patents

Narine Daneghyan
Photos by Emin Aristakesyan