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Most stylish IT offices: Helix

A convenient office is the key to success of every company. The better the office conditions are, the easier and more productive the creative process is.  

As a rule, technology companies have the most innovative offices. In parallel with IT development, their number also increases in Armenia.    

This series of Itel.am focuses on Armenia-based IT offices standing out with innovative and bold solutions.

Helix was founded in 2006 in Armenia.

Today the company is offering a comprehensive package of IT consulting services including website design and development, content building, database integration, intranet systems, software, mobile applications, network administration, e-commerce, web consulting and IT training.

The company is headquartered in “Yeraz” Business Center

specialists work in the office

You can work both in formal and informal environment

When the work is done, you can have fun

“Play your song, guitar”

A mirror effect in Open Space

Important decisions are made jointly

Memories from various visits abroad

A legend about programmers

Clouds not only outside but inside

Here is where top managers work

Transparent walls, special illumination

Narine Daneghyan
Photos by Mariam Loretsyan