14:54 | 24.08.15 | News | 3487

Volunteers from the Diaspora hosted at VivaCell-MTS headquarters

VivaCell-MTS hosted a group of young Diasporan Armenians from different countries of age between 20 and 32 years, who serve as volunteers for an average of 4 months each, and are ready to apply their professional skills to support communities in various regions of our country.

The volunteers were received by VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian, who presented the major achievements of VivaCell-MTS in the telecommunications sphere, the values guiding the Company as well as the roadmap of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company embracing different spheres of society.

VivaCell-MTS pays particular importance to having more Armenians from the Diaspora discover the հomeland by working here. VivaCell-MTS finds that the best way to learn about Armenia is not just to visit Armenia as tourists but as owners of the historical birthplace where one can work as a professional or just to contribute through volunteering and thus improving the lives of ordinary people.

One cannot become part of society unless he or she interacts with residents on a daily basis, gets exposed to their daily issues, and moreover, becomes an owner by working jointly to find solutions.

From 2004 onwards with the support of VivaCell-MTS, Birthright Armenia has organized the volunteering of over 1000 young Armenians from 37 countries in various regions of Armenia. The participants of Birthright Armenia get a meaningful and memorable experience from their stay in Armenia by engaging in friendly relationships with their peers and sharing their skills with local sites.

“Benefit from the opportunities given to you by your young age – take a deep breath in the country of your ancestors, feel yourself part of your wonderful motherland, be open to consume what you like and what is quite new to you in this country, live it through. Life is too short to lament about what is imperfect. Just extend your hand to help your compatriots in small projects. This is a way you can enrich your soul, your life-long experience, this is a way to change the world. Remember, you are the ambassadors of Armenia in the outer world, in your families and for your children,” stated VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian, welcoming the volunteers, who arrived from the United States, Russia, Jordan, Syria, France, Argentina, Uruguay, the UK, Lebanon and Canada.

The volunteers shared their impressions of Armenia with Ralph Yirikian and inquired about the creation and stages of development of VivaCell-MTS. The meeting lasted much longer than was planned. After the meeting, young Armenians from the Diaspora toured through the Company, accompanied by the General Manager.