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Most stylish IT offices: Plexonic

A convenient office is the key to success of every company. The better the office conditions are, the easier and more productive the creative process is.        

As a rule, technology companies have the most innovative offices. In parallel with IT development, their number also increases in Armenia.    

This series of Itel.am focuses on Armenia-based IT offices standing out with innovative and bold solutions.

Founded in 2008 Plexonic is a game developing company, which has created more than 40 games to date. Panda Jam and Paint Monsters are among the most famous ones.

The company has 30 employees

This is how Plexonic develops its colorful games

Plexonic's Open space

Yes, you got it. He ensures Plexonic’s security

Walking along the long hallway...

Stand, read, laugh and pass...

A “serious” room or the most convenient place for consultations

This kitchen always has natural juice

There is neither lack of fruit in the office

When there is need for fresh air

Plexonic’s “corner of pride”

The smaller part of servers: the majority are stored in the cloud

About Panda Jam, one of Plexonic’s most famous games

Developers relax through table football

The heroes of the future game are greeting you

Time is a precious treasure at Plexonic

What about you? Would you love to work here?

Narine Daneghyan
Photos: Mariam Loretsyan