16:11 | 08.06.15 | News | 3991

50 payment terminals installed at VivaCell-MTS service centers

VivaCell-MTS and its subsidiary MobiDram have completed the first stage of the project aimed at bringing self-care services delivered through payment terminals closer to the customer. 50 terminals have been installed in VivaCell-MTS service centers as part of the project. 23 of the payment terminals are intended for Yerevan residents and the other 27 will serve those living in the regions, thus covering the whole territory of Armenia.

The program is aimed at ensuring enhanced customer experience, i.e. improving time-efficiency by offering new self-care tools. With the help of the terminals the customers can pay for mobile phone, utility, satellite and cable TV as well as Internet services. The payment terminals also give an opportunity to refill the MobiDram mobile wallet. The list of services which are rendered through MobiDram grows continuously.

“Making technological means serve the needs of people is a powerful tool. Together with its subsidiary MobiDram, VivaCell-MTS strives to provide timely response to growing customer demands. Offering new solutions, providing premium quality services and ensuring convenient conditions not only for Yerevan residents but also for people living in the regions have always been at the heart of VivaCell-MTS attention. MobiDram allows you to enjoy those benefits by rendering services via both your mobile phone and payment terminals.  So, what are the benefits of MobiDram? To mention but a few, economy of time, a skill for managing financial means, a simple mechanism for making necessary transactions in the time and place most suitable for the customer and many more. Wait for more surprises!” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian noted.
All MobiDram payment terminals feature a touch screen display and an intuitive interface that allows using the services without any special skills and know-how. MobiDram and VivaCell-MTS will continue offering its customers convenient and comfortable solutions for life.