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Mobile gaming: developed in Armenia

Smartphones have longed ceased being just a means of communication and the mobile gaming market is gradually getting more attractive and demanded.

If you are tired of playing Angry Games or other foreign games during the day, we recommend trying the Armenian. Itel.am is exploring the Armenian product of mobile gaming by the example of Frismos Company. 

History of mobile games

Nokia Snake is regarded as the first mobile game. Despite its minimalistic appearance experts believe it has permanently changed ideas about mobile games.

Later, WAP (wireless application protocol) technology had its input in the development of mobile gaming – it allowed downloading games on the phone. 

Colorful phones armed with Java and flash technologies flooded the market in 2000s. In 2007, Apple unveiled its first iPhone, which took mobile gaming to a new level. In 2008, the App Store was opened.

Today mobile games are available in various platforms such as Google Play, Windows Phone Store and so on. 

Armenian mobile gaming from Frismos 

In 2012, Founders of Frismos Company decided to develop their product. As a result, they developed a pilot game known as Birdland. The game enables virtual “care” for the birds. 

The game was initially available as a Facebook app, which registered around 300 000 downloads within a short period of time. Following it an agreement was signed with a popular company in Hong Kong owing to which the game became more widespread. 

Later, the company’s founders realized it’s high time to develop mobile games. They unveiled the second game in August 2012, and in mid-2014 the first “strategy” genre mobile game was ready.

Frismos about its market

Presently Frismos offers 12 mobile games. These 12 games have been downloaded around 15 million times. The number of monthly active users of the games is half a million. 

Birdland is the most downloaded game.

The company noted that the rest of the games (with the exception of Birdland) are available for only Android devices but they will soon be available for iOS. 

“Programming is one of those unique spheres in which your geographical location does not really matter. You can develop a good product in Armenia as well, and then “send” it to the international market”, Director of Frismos Company told Itel.am.

Arsham Manukyan

According to him, the Armenian market of mobile games is not so developed since the country is small and the population is not that capable of paying.

“The U.S. and to a certain extent, European countries are the main consumer markets of our games. As to the Asian market, Japan, South Korea and China have over-the-top developed mobile gaming there. Thus, in order to attain success in those markets you should offer a game developed for especially them as localization is very serious there”, said Arsham Manukyan.

How are mobile games developed?

Presenting the game development process Frismos Product Manager Arman Harutyunyan noted that they firstly discuss the game concept. 

“We choose the best option among those suggested. Once the choice is made, the drawing team hurries to make the sketch, and the engineers wait for the former to introduce the product. When the engineers get the drawings, they gain a second wind. After that, the drawing team digitizes all that and gives it to the animators who in their turn give it back to the engineers. The latter start using the ready-made prototype in the game”, said Arman Harutyunyan. 

According to him, the characters of the game are already live in this stage – they move. Afterwards, the flaws are corrected and the game is improved and tested. 

The team

Frismos team is comprised of 20 members, all under the age of 30. 

“The team is our main and most important asset. Our youngest member is 18 years old. They are all young people who do high-level work. The technical experts, especially the programmers, gain new skills and knowledge. They usually start internship at our company and after enhancing their skills, they join our team”, said Frismos Director.

3 main games of Frismos by Itel.am

- Vikings Battle – a strategy game, which aims to establish a strong Viking village. It is available for Android-based mobile devices.  

- Amazing Emma – an entertainment game for children. It improves children’s concentration and memory. It is available for Android-based mobile devices. 

- Birdland – a game to keep animals, mainly birds. It is available for Android and iOS-based mobile devices.

PS In the near future Itel.am will attempt to present the rest of players in the Armenian market of mobile gaming.

Narine Daneghyan