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Armenian app challenges Skype and Viber

Zangi app developed by Armenian programmers enables making video and audio calls even in case of low internet speeds, exchange interactive messages, photos and videos. It’s available for mobile devices based on Android and iOS operation systems.

Zangi Founder Vahram Martirosyan said in his interview to Itel.am that they came up with the idea of the app 5 years ago when the smartphone “revolution” was still beginning.

“Over 4 consecutive years, we have been developing Zangi. At that time, Viber and Tango just entered the market and Skype didn’t work on mobile devices. We decided to develop a new type of telecommunication operator. Time was required for our team to gain knowledge and experience. Later, we started applying for various funding sources. We got orders from abroad as our team was growing. Over that period, we raised some money for the start”, he said.

According to Vahram Martirosyan, they are one of the world leaders in terms of quality of video calls.

“For instance, we leave behind Skype by various physical features. In the domain of video calls, we are the first in the world that uses the 720p standard on mobile devices. For example, Skype has applied 480p up to now”, he said.

According to him, unlike Viber and other apps, they focus more on convenience than entertainment. Zangi developers try to come up with innovations. The function of a keyboard for left-handed persons is one of the options, for instance.

Zangi computer version will be available in a few months. Presently, Zangi is in being licensed. In late February, it will be presented to a number of international investors and companies at the Silicone Valley.