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Eye Motion to help people with poor eyesight

Eye Motion digital eye care game developed by Armenian specialists is meant for people with eyesight problems. It will help them prevent further deterioration of vision. 

Eye Motion startup is founded by game developer Vardan Meliksetyan.

Talking to Itel.am, he said that he also had problems with vision -short-sightedness. Having no time to go to hospital and undergo long-lasting treatment, he decided to find an alternative solution to the problem.

This is how he came up with the idea of creating the game.

“At first, I tried to find such games and understand how they succeeded. As a result, I concluded there are very few Eye control or Eye tracking devices. Imagine a person who sits in front of the computer every 20 minutes and he turns on the game for a few minutes. His eyes feel relaxed and the further deterioration of vision is halted. In case of regular use, one can even improve the eyesight”, said Vardan Meliksetyan.

According to him, they are going to launch the game in eye clinics in the first place. Then, the game will be available to everyone. According to him, the process is going on a bit slowly as it’s linked to health and it’s impossible to move forward without a doctor’s advice.

Eye Motion team of 4 meets with doctors on a regular basis, listens to their opinions and remarks. We are negotiating over testing the game in the eye clinics in Yerevan. By the way, one of the clinics has already agreed, and the game will be tested there within a year.

“The old eyesight recovery games in the clinics are not interesting especially for children. Eye Motion offers an interesting game and health in addition”, said Vardan Meliksetyan adding that they were working over various types of games.

As for funding opportunities, the Eye Motion founder noted that a number of foreign companies were interested in the project. Investors from Diaspora also kept track of the team development.

“According to the World Health Organization, around 285 mln people in the world have eyesight problems. We have a huge market given the fact that around 3000 eye clinics are operating in the world. After the testing here, we will enter the international market”, said Vardan Meliksetyan.

8 teams took part in the program developed within MIC Acceleration project organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia (MIC) foundation.