16:17 | 10.02.15 | News | 3331

Beeline donates digital equipment to children of boarding kindergarten

Beeline donated digital equipment for cartoon screening and children’s development programs to N10 boarding kindergarten of Armavir town of Armavir marz.

“Beeline social strategy mainly focuses on programs which change the lives for the better. We are happy to begin the year with supporting children who need it. I am sure all this will help children in studies and development improving their lives. We will continue such events in future as well, since children are always the center of attention of our social programs”, Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.

“It’s very pleasant to fell the love and attention of a bit company”, said director of N10 boarding kindergarten Anna Paronyan.

60 out of 90 children of the boarding kindergarten are from socially disadvantaged families and children of single mothers.