10:01 | 07.02.15 | News | 2862

VivaCell-MTS promotes safe Internet

Internet is a modern tool of connecting with the world that can help you at any moment by providing the information you are looking for. Everybody speaks about the importance of the Internet. However, there is a culture of using the Internet properly. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to follow this culture. When children start using the Internet, they may stumble upon unwanted content.

To what extent are the parents informed about the content their children see in the global network? Is it possible to continually control the children’s activities? These issues worry populations in many countries of the world. Many people celebrate the International Internet Safety Day. The problem is on the agenda in Armenia as well.

It is creditable when business interests are not opposed to social responsibility but come together to achieve the desirable results. Two years ago VivaCell-MTS introduced “MTS Connect Limited”, a special Internet package designed to make the Internet a platform of gaining new knowledge, developing worldview and personal growth for children, while keeping them away from inappropriate and dangerous content. The tariff plan allows controlling the browsed content, limiting children’s access to pages not intended for them. Moreover, the subscribers of this package have an opportunity to use one of the most acknowledged virus scan software in the world, the well-known Dr.Web antivirus program, absolutely free of charge.