09:43 | 04.12.14 | News | 3941

Former ArmenTel CEO rejects allegations

Former ArmenTel CEO Igor Klimko refuted allegations against him.

He stated it to Cnews.ru Russian online media.

“The former ArmenTel CEO clarified to CNews that the violations in question were revealed after he resigned and he has no offshores or foreign accounts. Vimpelcom does not comment on the investigation”, the publication reads.

Thus, it’s the first time Igor Klimko commented on the accusations against him. According to the publications of Armenian media, law enforcement agencies of Armenia suspect Igor Klimko of foreign traffic machinations and tax fraud as a result of which both ArmenTel and Armenian state budget incurred multimillion losses.

In the present case former ArmenTel CTO Vladimir Sachkov was detained in Belarus and Armenian law enforcement agencies have requested his extradition.