17:02 | 20.06.14 | News | 2279

MobiDram continues offering handy solutions to its customers

To easily organize the summer holidays and to reduce the hustle and bustle of the day MobiDram, a payment system offering innovative financial services, makes the array of available services even larger allowing the customers to best use technological solutions to serve their needs. A mobile phone is not only a means of communication but also a great financial tool for those, who value their time. The package of MobiDram services gives opportunity to get money transactions done instantaneously without much effort anywhere, anytime.

It is important to note that the services of this electronic wallet can be accessed from any mobile phone, regardless of its model. That is to say, your mobile phone doesn’t have to be a smartphone, and you do not need access to Internet for making transactions from your mobile phone. You can use the services of MobiDram without downloading a special program.

Making money transactions instantaneously from a mobile phone to another is just one of the offered convenient solutions. The person making the transaction and the recipient simply need to be MobiDram clients. The commission for the service is only AMD30. For example, to transfer money from a mobile phone via your MobiDram account to another MobiDram customer, you should dial the *444*recipient’s mobile phone number*sum# command from your mobile phone.

The customers of MobiDram can cash out the funds available on or transferred to their MobiDram account. For that one should send the cash out command from his or her mobile phone or from the personal MobiDram page, receive the cash out secret code, visit one of the MobiDram branches and submit the code along with passport or ID (identification card). The sum can also be cashed out in the branches of “Converse Bank” and “Areximbank-Gazprombank Group”.

The cash out command from mobile phone is *444*1*sum#*, which should be confirmed by dialing your PIN code.

MobiDram also offers instantaneous money transfers, bank transfers, loan payments, payments for various online services and products, utility payments, as well as payments to the state budget and others.