14:20 | 06.06.14 | News | 3765

ArmenTel introduces new mobile internet services

ArmenTel (Beeline trademark) introduced “Unlimited Internet Regular” and “Unlimited Internet Premium” mobile internet services which users will be able to have internet access without MB tariffication within  30 days.

“The internet development is the first stimulus to the mobile market development. With the introduced service, we offer our customers internet which will always be with them. The offers are not only simple but rather competitive and affordable”, said ArmenTel CEO Andrey Pyatakhin expressing the confidence that they will soon be in high demand owing to their affordability and unlimited MB tariffication.

Monthly fee of “Unlimited Internet Regular” service makes AMD2000 while “Unlimited Internet Premium” costs AMD3500. The first can be connected by calling to 067470, texting *110*70# USSD command or sending “70” to 0674.

To connect to “Unlimited Internet Premium” , you should send “80” to 0674, call to 067480 or text *110*80#  USSD command. While activating the “Unlimited Internet Regular” service, the internet speed limitation is 256Kbps, while connecting to “Unlimited Internet Premium”, the speed reaches up to 512Kbps.

“ArmenTel” CEO noted that 2 days before the 30-day validity period of the service, a subscriber is notified about it via SMS, and if there are enough minutes in the subscriber’s balance at the end of the 30th day, the subscriber is charged the service fee and the service is provided for 30 more days.

According to Andrey Pyatakhin, the number of mobile internet users is continually increasing. “Our average mobile subscriber consumes 1Gb internet on average on a monthly basis”, he said noting that the subscribers mostly use search engines, social networks and Russia and foreign sites.

Within “Simple and Convenient for You” policy, the operator is going to introduce a special roaming offer for those who go abroad soon.