13:15 | 15.04.14 | News | 3252

Orran and VivaCell-MTS partnership continues

On April 14 Orran and VivaCell-MTS organized a concert with the participation of the elderly of Orran. 

The participants were greeted by Ralph Yirikian, General Manager of VivaCell MTS and John Heffern, Ambassador of the United States of America.
From the day it was founded in the year 2000, Orran has embraced hundreds of elderly providing them a safe and warm haven. At Orran, the elderly receive a daily hot meal, enjoy their leisure time and find spiritual enrichment. Because they share the same vision, for the last seven years, Orran has joined hands with VivaCell-MTS.

With this partnership, Orran has been able to successfully carry out its mission of helping families in need and assist hundreds of children who have found themselves or were at the dangerous threshold of finding themselves on the streets.  The children have been provided with food, social, medical and psychological services, vocational training and care without which it is difficult to imagine their future. 

“There is no present or future without the past. It is you who made today possible. Our parents and grandparents are the blessing that keeps us always believing that “Giving” is a great value.  Through the eyes of our elderly people we see our history and achievements as a Nation. We cherish every moment with you as being a valuable lesson for us to grow stronger and wiser,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.