15:07 | 13.03.14 | News | 3770

With the support of the Orange Foundation a new community development project has been launched in Hartavan village of Aragatsotn region

Today Orange Foundation has announced the launch  of a large scale initiative under the name of “One Village”. The final objective of this initiative is to help the comprehensive development of rural communities. In particular, it will target the development of sustainable economic activities and jobs  as well as the improvement of education and healthcare facilities of the selected communities. The first project will be implemented in Hartavan village, Aragatsotn region by Shen charitable NGO and will last one year. It will benefit from a 55MAMD support by Orange Foundation.

“One Village” project will use the consumer cooperative model allowing families of Hartavan to get better results in the development of the production and the sale of dairy production. To support the newly created cooperative, equipment will be bought and  a milk collection point will be created. The project will address as well the irrigation efficiency issue by renovating the water distribution system and by constructing a new pipeline of 500 meters. In the frame of the project, funds will be dedicated to the reconstruction of the village kindergarten to double its accommodation capacity and football and  volleyball playgrounds will as well be reconstructed. Financial and human resources will be dedicated to the equipment of the medical point of the village as well as to the trainings of nurses.

"Rural areas and the problems they encounter are at the center of the attention of the Orange Foundation. Together with our partners, we already have a positive experience in the development of social infrastructures, sport complex, kindergarten, computer rooms in villages. We have begun to help villages to take use of economic opportunities, as was the case for example with the fruit production in Berdavan. This time we take on board an even more complex project, which will include the development of dairy production, the irrigation as well as the improvement of the equipment of the school sport playgrounds and the  medical point of this village. By the end of this year, we expect that this initiative we are conducting in partnership with Shen NGO will have a positive impact on the life of Hartavan village, improving the life conditions of the inhabitants",- said Francis Gelibter, Chairman of the Orange Foundation.

H.E the Ambassador of France in Armenia, the Head of Aragatsotn region, The Vice Minister of Economy as well as the Head of Department of Industry Policy of the Ministry of Economy have been amongst the guests present at the announcement of the launch and have expressed their appreciation of this initiative, mentioning the importance of such an investment in the rural development of Armenia, as well as a special approach addressing different challenges of rural communities.