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Minno and ArmTab have a “parent and child” brand relationship

Armenian government announced on December 19 that Technology and Science Dynamics Inc will start assembling tablets in Yerevan. “The company plans to start cooperation with Minno Company which will deal with the sales and shipment of all the tablets produced in Armenia.
During the first year of operation in Armenia, the volume of investments will make $ 1 350 000 and the investment volume will make $ 6 750 000 during the third year”, the press release of the Armenian Government said.

Mediamax contacted the President of Minno Tablet Eric C. Ryan and asked him a few questions.

- Do you plan to set up a joint venture with Technology and Science Dynamics Inc in Armenia and make investments, or they will be working on their own?

- Technology and Science Dynamics, Inc was established by Minno specifically for the purpose of investing in Armenia, where the government's commitment to education and research makes it a rich source of intellectual capital. Armenia’s culture of entrepreneurship and the conditions in Armenia’s new Free Economic Zone make it an attractive place for Minno to invest in
information technology and manufacturing.

Minno’s Android interface was entirely written (and continues to be supported) by an excellent team of software developers in Armenia. Technology and Science Dynamics has leased space in
the Free Economic Zone in Yerevan and hired first-stage employees to establish our assembly, quality control, packing, distribution, and service support facilities and processes.

- A few weeks ago Armenian PM was presented with the “first Armenian tablet” called Armtab. However, the photos prove that he was presented with a Minno tablet. Can you please clarify if you have licensed the Armenian company to use your tablets under Armtab brand?

- Because we are not yet in commercial production (scheduled to begin in February, 2014), the tablets presented to Prime Minister Sargsyan and his cabinet were pre-production samples of
ArmTab assembled in Armenia.  The tablets were presented in Minno boxes because Minno and ArmTab have a “parent and child” brand relationship and we have not yet finalized the artwork for ArmTab packaging and branding.

Minno intends to assemble both Minno brand tablets for export to international markets (including the United States), and ArmTab brand tablets in Yerevan.