14:03 | 29.09.10 | News | 3040

Armenian state and society are the most important partners for any business, “ArmenTel” head stated

Yerevan/Mediamax/. In current conditions in Armenia, the state and the society are the most important partners of any business.

Mediamax reports that General Director of “ArmenTel” Company (Beeline trademark) Igor Klimko said this, speaking at the First National Conference on Social Cooperation today.

According to him, the policy of “ArmenTel” Company in Armenia is based on the understanding that at the current stage of social-economic development of the country, one of the most important factors, defining the prospects of Armenian society and statehood, is the culture of interrelations among the state, business and the society.

At that Igor Klimko noted that since the state and the society demonstrate great interest towards business, they should support its development in a way that their own interest for it does not die.

“The main responsibility of business is to actively carry out its activity, earn money and pay taxes. But Armenia is at a transition stage, this is why here in order to solve such problems the active participation of the society and business is necessary”, “ArmenTel” head stated. 

Igor Klimko expressed hope that this discussion will become another step along the path of elaborating an efficient model of social partnership.